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Top 3 voluntary products poised for takeoff in 2014

As small businesses and individuals consider their healthcare strategies within the context of the Affordable Care Act, several industry research bodies suggest voluntary benefits and services will emerge as a boom market for producer sales in the next five years. Read more…

Retirement Plans

Despite the best intentions of retirement plan sponsors, 24% of Americans report that they have borrowed against or took early distribution from their retirement plans in the past three years. Read more…

Employer actions need to catch up with financial wellness wishes

Employers are embracing the concept of financial wellness, however according to a recent survey, only 26% of small companies have a financial wellness strategy.

4 Retirement Mistakes 30-Somethings Make — And How They Can Avoid Them in 2014

Four false assumptions that a lot of people in their 30s make—and ways to help them to stay on the right track for retirement.

Gen Xers post biggest gap in life insurance coverage

What people say doesn’t always align with what they do. Such is the case with life insurance, a study commissioned by New York Life finds.

Survey Reveals Lack of Confidence about Retirement

While a company’s workers may differ in age, gender and in a range of other categories, new research suggests they share at least one common attribute — a lack of confidence about retirement savings.

Tools to Better Understand Your 401(k)

Don’t leave retirement on the back burner. Take control of your financial future by being proactive with your investments.

How to Take Control of Your 401(k)

Being a 401(k) plan participant requires you to take charge of your retirement saving and investing, so don’t let confusion or uncertainties leave you on the sideline. Instead, here are five things you can do to step up

Time’s running out to start a new Safe Harbor 401(k) plan for 2013

October 1 is the due date for an employer to establish a new 401(k) plan using those special “Safe Harbor” contribution rules to permit owners and other Highly Compensated Employees to maximize their contributions

Participants taking command of retirement

61% say their 401(k) plan is their only or largest source of retirement savings, however the majority of respondents in a recent survey understand that they are primarily on their own for their retirement saving.