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About Us

At Kaminsky & Associates, specialize in creating employee benefit solutions for clients. Having been in employee benefits industry for more than 50 years, worked with hundreds of clients and listened to challenges faced by companies in administration of benefits.

Our primary goal is provide the highest value in benefits your employees while keeping your costs and administrative frustrations to minimum.

Our firm is broken down into three specialty areas:

  • Full Spectrum of Employee Benefit Solutions
  • HR Consulting and Support
  • Retirement Planning

We aim to extension of your Human Resources department as partner with provide top-value benefits packages and educate you employees regarding these offerings. We also confidently act as liaison between the employee and the insurance company to solve problems with claims as well as answer benefits-related questions throughout the year.

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Our Team

E. Andrea Kinkade

President & Benefit Advisor


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Kate Johnson

Benefit Advisor


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Jen Howe

Account Executive


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Amie Wagner

Account Executive


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Nicholas Kinkade

P & C Representative


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Holly Taylor

Client Care Advocate


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Cheryl Foster

Account Manager


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Conor Kinkade



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Isabel Leck-Monts

Client Care Advocate & Wellness Coordinator


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Carrie Wachowiak

Benefit Analyst


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Lisa Reasor

Administrative Specialist


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Team Approach

By utilizing sophisticated, actuarially-developed tools, the Benefit Advisors at Kaminsky & Associates are able to provide employers, with than precise information needed to manage plan costs and utilization. We focus on improving the performance of benefit programs by creating an benefits strategy, combined with leadership and engagement programs, to maximize the return on benefit dollars spent.

Using unique process created called The Value Realization Process; we assist you defining a benefits strategy and developing a timeline for implementation. The process goes beyond focusing simply these traditional bottom line, but digging deeper each client receives their greatest value for investment to optimize their real bottom line.

  • A Proven Process
  • Situation Assessment
  • Relationship Driven
  • Exceptional Knowledge
Hate the typical renewal process? We have a better approach.


The Value Realization Process (VRP) allows us enter into each client relationship, with blank slate. We bring broad range for talent, the better understand our client goals, objectives and financial concerns with there end result of responding to our client’s challenges with real-world solutions. Flowchart Recognizing that improvement, executing strategies by applying best practices, and investing in people product and the process technologies to bring about a positive change. So, we created variety of methods to address these unique responsibilities for human resource professional, CFO, or CEO in handling the complex details of Benefit Strategies.

Every client we serve has a unique set of benefits, culture and areas they can improve communication and efficiencies. We have many technology tools and resources to identify where we can help you streamline common benefit admin tasks and implement solutions that save time money and aggravation.

Benefit Administration

A single source to add, edit and terminate employee from all plans with carrier communication made easy.


HR can onboard employees faster and easier, giving employees a great first day without stacks of paperwork.


Ensure employees see and acknowledge the many forms and documents that are vital for keeping you and your business compliance and up to date.

We make Benefit Administration, Onboarding and Compliance simple. To learn more, watch this short video.

Whether you’re an office manager, an HR professional or a business owner trying to do it all, HR360 was built for you. With HR360 get the guidance you need to manage your employees; understand and implement HR best practices; and comply with the law.
HR Service, Inc. provides businesses of all sizes with complete Human Resource Services and Benefit Compliance Solutions to help navigate tricky employment laws, engage employees and create a positive, productive culture. Through personalized HR services, you are supplied with the Human Resource support services your business needs ensuring compliance and best practice HR techniques that help you take your business to the next level.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is a core need in most company employee benefit plans as your decisions as a business will impact not only your employees today, but also their families and lifestyle choice in the future.

Companies need to feel secure that they are working with best-in-class experts dedicated to deliver great results at an affordable price.

Kaminsky delivers to our clients a top notch experience that they can rely upon to meet their retirement needs.

Our decades of experience consistently point to the fact that most plans are not properly set up in the beginning. By leveraging our ERISA attorneys and investment experts, you can rest assure that your plan will meet your needs.

Kaminsky & Associates offers a variety of retirement solutions. A portion of our capabilities include:

  • In-depth Investment Due Diligence and Analysis
  • Extensive Benchmarking on Services and Fees
  • Full RFP Vendor Searches
  • Complete Plan Resources
  • Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®) certified-advisor on staff to provide Fiduciary Guidance
  • Best Practices in Planning, Execution and Service
  • Fund analysis using the fi360 Fiduciary Score® rating methodology
  • Investment Policy Statements

Client Care Advocates

Kaminsky & Associates has a dedicated team of benefits and HR professionals on call and at your service. Clients of Kaminsky & associates can reach out to our Client Care Advocates to get answers on all topics and issues related to Benefits and HR.