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International Hiring Strategy | OH Benefits Partners

In today’s business world, there is more pressure than ever to maintain a high rate of growth and reach new revenue goals. And growth usually means hiring. The work of HR is an important part of that work, especially where fast-growing companies are concerned. There are many reasons why going beyond borders and hiring talent … Continued

How to Identify the Perfect Candidate for a Hybrid Role | Ohio Employee Benefits

Hybridized jobs are no longer the exception in the workplace. They’re the norm. Employees are now expected to dabble in different areas, such as communications, IT and sales—all in one role. In fact, a recent study found that roles such as social media strategist and web designer are dying out, in favor of roles that … Continued

The Cruel Catch-22 Of Long-Term Unemployment

Besides the altruistic reasons to hire the long-term unemployed — being a good corporate citizen and helping the economy — it also makes good financial sense from an employer perspective. See why hiring the long-term unemployed is a good decision for your company.

Relocations Increase in the U.S.

Find out why the percentage of U.S. job seekers relocating for new positions has climbed to its highest level since 2009 and continue to rise.

Best Practices for Building Your Employee Talent Pool

Build a recruitment strategy that can meet the ups and downs of everyday business with this helpful article.

Healthcare Reform Curbs Full-Time Hiring

Almost half of U.S. companies are wary of taking on full-time employees as a result of the Affordable Care Act. Read full article here

Social Media in the Workplace: Mixed Results

While social media accounts used unwisely may prevent job seekers from landing a coveted position, online networks also can present advantages in the workplace.

Right Job, Wrong Description

Companies may need to rethink how they’re hiring. In many cases, that means rewriting job descriptions.

Searcher’s Remorse

Survey finds that employers and new workers alike often experience “hiring remorse.”

Hot Hiring

Nearly half of manufacturers plan to hire beginning in March