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Ease into Spring Workouts

In a Reuters news story, people who are eager to step outside to exercise at the first sign of spring should be cautious. Read more as to why even the most fit should consider a brief “thawing” period to safely transition and adjust their bodies to outdoor exercise.

The Morning Rituals Of 15 Highly Successful Small Business Owners

Each morning, small business owners awake with a fresh determination to continue growing their companies. See what fun and interesting activities these employers do to prepare for the day ahead.

The 4-Minute Workout

Thanks to an ingratiating new study, we may finally be closer to answering that ever-popular question regarding our health and fitness: How little exercise can I get away with?

Weight Loss Is Employees’ Top New Year’s Resolution

More than one-quarter say stress is top health concern, up from 18 percent in 2012

Exercise Benefits Low-income Americans Most

Here’s at least one advantage to not having a hefty salary:

Learn How Inflammation Can Lead to Chronic Diseases

Inflammation is now widely recognized as a primary driver for most all chronic diseases.

Joggers Rejoice!

Wellness Delivered Pure and Simple by Dr. Ann Kulze

Are Chubby Workers Eating You Out of Profits?

OSHA recordkeeping and reporting requirements appear straightforward, but the devil is in the details. Pound for pound, obese workers cost you plenty. Here are some facts that should disturb you.

New Guidelines On Obesity Treatment Herald Changes In Coverage

Eat less, exercise more. Simple? Yes. Easy? No. If weight loss were easy, obesity rates among adults in the United States probably wouldn’t have reached the current 36 percent.

Fitness in Middle Age Lowers Medical Costs Later: Study

Results suggest preventive efforts focusing on lifestyle choices are well aimed