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NAHU: Employer mandate delay ‘necessary’ despite $12 billion cost

CBO states that the health law is estimated to cost $1.375 trillion through 2023, and increase in $12 billion since May.

8 reasons for employers to keep their PPACA guard up

Now that the celebrations have died down over the one-year delay of penalties for employers who don’t meet the PPACA coverage requirements, it’s time to take a close look at what does remain in effect.

Employer Mandate Delayed But Not Going Away

The employer mandate delay gave relief to many employers, however this does not mean that other important action plans can be postponed. How to use your time wisely with the extra time given.

Health Care Reform and DOMA – Never a Dull Moment

In the past weeks, we have seen at least two changes that will affect how employers “do benefits.” Here’s what employers like you need to be thinking about, doing and preparing for.

FAQ: What Workers And Employers Need To Know About The Postponed Employer Mandate

Here’s what the change means — and doesn’t mean — for workers and employers.

Mandate Delay Leaves ‘More Questions Unanswered Than Answered’

UBA CEO and HIX blogger Thomas Mangan notes that even though the mandate is delayed, there are many moving parts to PPACA, and the mandate is only one of them.

PPACA employer mandate delay: What now?

Is the delay a significant setback for a law already beset by court challenges, repeal votes and a rush of deadlines for making health insurance available to nearly all Americans next year?

PPACA Critics Pounce On Employer Mandate Delay

After the July 2 announcement, Health insurance representatives are shaking their heads, and wondering if another shoe will drop in the ACA implementation.

UBA Experts Available to Discuss Impact of Delay in Affordable Care Act Employer Mandate

What does the employer mandate delay mean for your company? It may mean a little bit of breathing room, but employers must also see what is still required. Find out here…

Official Press Release from DOT on Employer Mandate Delay

Official Press Release from the Department of Treasury on the recent employer mandate delay.