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Budget proposal phases out some PPACA funding

The Obama administration has included cuts in several sources of the PPACA grant money that has been flowing into state government and state public health insurance exchange offices the past few years. Read full article here…

Look Out for the ACA’s ‘Double Whammy’ in 2016

Some small businesses are facing a potential “double whammy” in 2016 from the Affordable Care Act, one expert warns.

“Play or Pay” Rules Delayed Until 2016 for Smaller Employers

Breaking News! Key elements of the final “play or pay” rules explained for large and small employers.

Taking A Strategic Look at Health Insurance and PPACA

Good, bad or indifferent by now most employers that offer benefits to their employees are feeling the changes resulting from PPACA. So how do you plan ahead?

What You Need to Know About the New Eligibility Waiting Period Provisions

The 90-day maximum for eligibility waiting periods is effective as of the start of the 2014 plan year. Questions like, what should employers do if they hired an employee under the prior rules?, answered here.

Kaiser Health Tracking Poll for January 2014

The latest Kaiser Health Tracking Poll finds that even after most of the ACA’s major provisions took effect on January 1, a large majority of the public (62 percent) continues to believe that only “some” provisions of the ACA have been put into place thus far.

Defining the Full-Time Employee Rule

Last week, the House Committee on Ways and Means hosted a hearing on the PPACA 40-hour rule to change it back to 40 hours. Read more on how you can help.

Be careful about what constitutes affordable care

What employers should be considering as they prepare their compliance program for 2015.

Healthcare Reform Curbs Full-Time Hiring

Almost half of U.S. companies are wary of taking on full-time employees as a result of the Affordable Care Act. Read full article here

Another PPACA deadline delayed

The Obama administration has issued new regs that public exchanges – and participating carriers – can use to cope with startup problems. Most importantly, it pushes the selection and payment deadline for Jan.1 plan coverage to Dec. 23. Read more…