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For over 50 years, Kaminsky & Associates has specialized in creating employee benefit solutions for our clients.

Team Kaminsky has created a variety of methods to address the unique responsibilities of a human resource professional, CFO, or CEO in handling the complex details of Benefit Strategies.  Our solutions include Planning & Design, Compliance Monitoring, Billing and Administration, Employee Communication and Engagement, HR Technology, Employee Advocacy, Auditing and Reporting, and Health and Wellness.

Jenny Becker, Accounting Manager


I feel confident that Kaminsky & Associates is working on our behalf, and have always been pleased with their performance. They keep me informed of legislative changes and assist in communicating updates to employees to keep us in compliance. Their follow through and responsiveness are top notch.
Laurie Schlosser, Bryan, Ohio
I have been a Human Resource Manager for the last 20 years. During this time I have searched for an organization that could help me attain a “one stop shop” or an “easy button.” Kaminsky & Associates has assisted me with reaching this goal, while not adding any additional overhead to my budget. Not only do I utilize Kaminsky & Associates for my company’s health and ancillary needs, I also depend on their services regarding HSA implementation, HRA and COBRA compliance, ACA Reporting, Medicare, and many other annual compliance requirements. Andrea Kinkade and her group have always been very professional, polite, and confidential. I have not only built a great professional working relationship with each individual there, I have also built several personal relationships. I would highly recommend utilizing all the services available through Kaminsky & Associates. Anyone looking for a company that goes above and beyond what is expected, I guarantee, you will not be disappointed in the value Kaminsky & Associates will add to your organization.
Richard Donham, President
For over ten years, Kaminsky & Associates has exceeded our expectations in providing our firm with the highest level of service, knowledge and expertise in the employee benefits/insurance arena. Their dedication to keeping us compliant and competitive in an area that is ever changing, challenging, and a primary focus of cost and value. A true superstar!
The word that comes to mind when I think of Team Kaminsky is “excellence”. Kaminsky has handled our health insurance requirements for over 20 years and the level of customer service is exceptional. Kaminsky could “trademark” their method of Operation. Team Kaminsky gets the job done right the first time – every time.
Ken Switzer, VP/CEO
We have over 300 suppliers who provide Marco’s Pizza with a wide variety of goods and services. While there are several others whom I feel provide exemplary service, no company and nobody provides better service to us than Kaminsky & Associates. We proudly have designated them a “Recommended Supplier” and are happy to serve as a reference.
Susan Muenzer, Secretary-Treasurer
Team Kaminsky has always helped us solve insurance problems, from helping us select the best policy to ironing out problems with providers. We count on their expertise and are glad they are part of our team

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