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5 Ways to Drive Healthy Behavior Change Virtually

Here are five mobile apps and outreach ideas to get employees moving and engaged in wellness.

IRS Issues Regs on Wellness Program Incentives

Financial incentives that employers provide to employees participating in wellness programs generally could not be included in determining if an employee is exempt from a healthcare reform law requirement to enroll in a plan offering minimum essential coverage under newly proposed regulations.

Making HSAs and wellness work together

Much of the discussion around wellness focuses on how to increase employee participation. Doing so remains a challenge for many employers, but there are some innovative approaches employers are exploring. Read more…

Workplace wellness in the new age of the ACA

With all the implications that the Affordable Care Act has on employer’s health insurance obligations, it’s easy to overlook its effects on workplace wellness programs. Read full article…

Wellness Communications Breakdown

Recent survey reveals employers do a great job communicating open enrollment, but fall behind when it comes to wellness programs. Read more about tips on communicating with employees about wellness programs.

Healthy employees create competitive advantage

It may not come as a surprise that healthier employees are more productive, but if your company doesn’t have a strong health culture it may be effecting your bottom line.

Join Us for Webinars on Wellness Program Strategies and Related PPACA Regulations

Understand the connection between employee productivity and health and how to ensure wellness initiatives are PPACA-compliant in two upcoming webinars


Having trouble figuring the return on investment (ROI) from your wellness program?