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Emotional Compensation: An Employee Engagement and Retention Tool | Employee Benefits Team

First came the pandemic, which was followed by The Great Resignation and the labor shortage, and now quiet quitting. Employers are challenged to attract and retain employees among all these upheavals, keep them engaged, and maintain a psychologically safe work environment. Higher wages, hiring bonuses, increased benefits packages all sound like possible solutions. If your current retention strategy is not having … Continued

6 Ways to Help Employees Combat Burnout | OH Benefits Advisors

Respondents to the latest State of HR report list burnout as the greatest consequence of the pandemic. In fact, the Great Resignation lingers, in part, because the burnout has gotten worse. Now, companies are facing inflation, the yanking of job offers, and the possibility of layoffs. While they are tightening their belts and being far more cautious, their workers … Continued

Follow this Record Retention Checklist

The IRS Wednesday issued its yearly changes to health spending account contribution limits and out-of-pocket maximums to adjust for cost-of-living.

Training and Talking Keys for Retention and Engagement

In a previous article we featured consultant Ron Katz’s “5 T’s of Retention”; today, the final two T’s, plus an introduction to the all-things-HR-in-one-place website, HR.BLR.com®.

Recognition and Retention—5 T’s to Success

As we leave the recession behind, the hot button for HR is going to be retention, says consultant Ronald Katz. HR will have to focus on holding on to your most valuable assets and then on getting the highest effort out of them.

Why you can’t afford not to offer health benefits

If employers are to remain attractive to new talent and retain their existing human capital, they will need to continue to offer health benefits to their workforces. It’s the balance between employer costs and employee responsibility many are taking a new direction with. Read more…

Employee Recruiting

Benefits Used to Attract, but Not Retain Employees. Read full article…

A top focus for 2014: talent retention

Many would predict the top trend of 2014 to be something that has to do with the employer, writing a check or the avoidance of writing a check.

The Benefit of Having Good Retirement Benefits

Study reports that 53% of respondents said they would likely leave their job if a nearly identical job with better retirement benefits were available.

Searcher’s Remorse

Survey finds that employers and new workers alike often experience “hiring remorse.”