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Feds Post PPACA Risk Program Regs

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ruled that only “qualified health plans” — and plans that are “substantially the same as a QHP” — can either make payments to or get cash from the federal “risk corridors” program. Read more here…

Another PPACA deadline delayed

The Obama administration has issued new regs that public exchanges – and participating carriers – can use to cope with startup problems. Most importantly, it pushes the selection and payment deadline for Jan.1 plan coverage to Dec. 23. Read more…

Why employers need to pay attention to ACA’s insurance exchanges

Employers are starting to realize that they really do need a communications strategy for how to tackle exchange education with their employees.

Can Obamacare Beat Your Employer’s Insurance?

Will you be able to comparison-shop for a plan on the new online exchanges that might be better than your employer health insurance? The answer is a big, resounding “maybe.”

State exchanges not viable choice for active employees

Why state and federally facilitated health care exchanges are not a realistic option for active employees.

9 tips to help employees transition to public exchanges

To aid in communicating health care reform changes this fall, here are nine tips for transitioning employees into the public marketplace

What’s Ahead this Year as Health Insurance Exchanges are Rolled-out Nationwide

Easy to follow explanation of the new health exchanges for individuals and employers.

We’re Prepared

Uninsured Americans say they’re ready to handle the government-run health exchanges in 2014

6 key compliance deadlines for 2013 and beyond

As PPACA moves forward, employers must keep track of 6 key compliance deadlines for 2013 and beyond