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3 Tips for Practicing Mindfulness 
in a Multitasking Workplace

Reducing multitasking whenever possible in order to focus on the present leads to less stress for employees and greater profits for corporations. Neurologist Dr. Romie Mushtaq says that there’s science that supports the benefits of being focused and “in the moment.” Read full article to learn more…

Employee well-being status more accurate measure of job productivity than incidence of chronic disease

Findings from a new study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine showed that the level of employees’ well-being is a more important contributor to on-the-job productivity than their chronic disease status.

3 Hidden Effects of Workplace Depression

Navigating employee mental health can be tricky. Not all symptoms are noticeable, but a few hidden indicators can hinder overall productivity. Here’s what to look out for.

Wearable Technology in the Workplace

As technology evolves, a leading-edge trend is for wearable technology. As with all technology, it will take some time for this to become accepted as mainstream and commonplace at work. For human resources, this presents new challenges. Read full article…

Healthy employees create competitive advantage

It may not come as a surprise that healthier employees are more productive, but if your company doesn’t have a strong health culture it may be effecting your bottom line.

Top 10 Tricks for a Healthier, High-Energy Workday

Working at an office can be surprisingly unhealthy. Between sitting all day, eating poorly, and enduring never-ending stress, your office can take a few years off your life. Here’s how to stay healthy and energetic at the office (and make the day go by faster).

Eating out may hurt work performance, study shows

Eating lunch outside the office will relax you – but it may also hinder your job performance, according to new research.

Five Ways to Get Employees Engaged

One of the most common complaints by business owners, execs, and management is the concept of employee engagement. Here are a few tips on how to make your efforts effective and rewarding.

6 Simple Rituals To Reach Your Potential Every Day

Being productive isn’t about hard-to-follow programs or logging your every move in an app.

Top-Bottom Buy-In Can Bolster Benefit Communications

Benefits can play a crucial role in fueling employee engagement, which can in turn lead to better productivity and talent retention.