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Open Enrollment Tips Under Health Care Reform

Never before has it been more important to pay attention as you choose a health plan for you and your family. Here are 5 tips for open enrollment this fall.

9 items to tackle ahead of the Oct. 1 deadline

In order to avoid some very long nights in the coming weeks, here are nine items you need to check off your 2014 checklist to stay out of the PPACA’s woodshed.

Employees say companies have yet to communicate benefit changes

Sixty-nine percent of employees surveyed say their employer hasn’t communicated changes coming to their benefits package due to health care reform, despite the October 1 deadline.

PPACA and the Individual Shared Responsibility Requirement

Employers are not required to educate employees about their individual responsibilities under PPACA however, this Advisor simply provides information that employers may find helpful to know.

Help Your Employees Understand the Individual Mandate

Employers are not required to educate their employees about their individual responsibilities under PPACA, but providing information on this component of the law is just another way to help your employees understand all facets of health care reform.

PPACA and the Individual Shared Responsibility Requirement

Even though it’s not required, here is information and guidance on the individual responsibility requirement which is still scheduled to take effect in 2014.

PPACA struggles to meet make-or-break deadline

With time running out, U.S. officials are struggling to cope with the task of launching the new online health insurance exchanges at the heart of President Barack Obama’s signature health reforms by an October 1 deadline.

Individual Grace Period, Spanish Language Notice, DOMA and Contraception

The past week has brought several developments of interest to employers who sponsor group health plans. It is important that you identify the necessary requirements for your company in order to comply to the recent changes.


Employers question how to handle the MLR checks. Common questions answered regarding Medical Loss Ratio checks.

The Long Arm Of The U.S. Healthcare Ruling

How does the ruling affect the average American?