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Ask the Experts: FMLA Leave and Attendance Incentives | Ohio Employee Benefits

Question: We give year-end bonuses based on attendance, and employees with a certain number of absences are disqualified. If an employee took FMLA leave, can we count those absences against them and withhold the attendance bonus? Answer: Yes, if you apply the rubric used to qualify employees for the bonus consistently across all “equivalent leave … Continued

Your Weight Is Everyone’s Business

Should your diet and food intake remain personal choices, despite their impact on those around you, including your family, your co-workers and your employer?

Five trends in wellness incentives for 2013

Employers want return of investment for their wellness programs. Here are five trends to look for in wellness incentives in 2013.

Rules May Create Win-Win for Firms, Workers

New proposed federal regulations on wellness programs may deliver a healthy shot in the arm for employer-sponsored initiatives.

HCR Update: IRS Posts Three Proposed Regulations Addressing Open Issues Under PPACA

On Nov. 20, 2012, the Department of Health and Human Services issued proposed rules that address: Wellness programs under PPACA Essential health benefits and determining actuarial value Health insurance market reforms All three rules are still in the “proposed” stage, which means that there may and likely will be changes when the final rules are … Continued

Want wellness? Offer some motivation

Incentives are proven to significantly raise participation rates, leading to improved member health, increased productivity, reduced health care spending and, ultimately, positive returns on their investment.

The British Are Coming!

Looking at the major accomplishments of Bradley, from France, to back home in London for the time trials there, it got me thinking about goals, measurements, and performance, and how we reward our employees.

CDHPs Can Succeed with Right Incentives

The apparent lack of enthusiasm for wellness can present a big challenge for employers with high-deductible options