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’Tis the Season for a Slice of Wellness Training

At the beginning of this year’s holiday season, take a moment to remind your employees that good nutrition is important to good health. Use the video in today’s Advisor as a concise and fun way to drop nutrition reminders in among the holiday festivities.

Nuts for longevity: Daily handful is linked to longer life

Nuts might be loaded with fat but evidence suggests they could help you live longer. Read full article

9 ways office food fuels employee satisfaction and productivity

Food can play an important role in motivating employees to spend more time in the office, work more effectively while there and generally view their workplace more positively, finds a nationwide survey of nearly 1,100 full-time professionals across more than a dozen different industries. The survey by Seamless, the leading service for ordering delivery and … Continued

Food for thought

A handful of new studies just dropped that actually spell out some of the hard costs our soft bodies are ringing up.