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Cafeteria Plans: How to Handle Participant Contributions | Team Kaminsky

By Danielle Capilla, Chief Compliance Officer at United Benefit Advisors Cafeteria plans, or plans governed by IRS Code Section 125, allow employees to pay for expenses such as health insurance with pre-tax dollars. Employees are given a choice between a taxable benefit (cash) and specified pre-tax qualified benefits, for example, health insurance. Employees are given … Continued

The Rise of Four-Tier Drug Plans and Prescription Copays

Remember when you used to pay a $15 copay for prescription drugs and that was the end of the story? Those days are quickly disappearing and in their place is a complex four-tiered prescription drug plan, with copays becoming less of an option for many.

IRS Issues Regs on Wellness Program Incentives

Financial incentives that employers provide to employees participating in wellness programs generally could not be included in determining if an employee is exempt from a healthcare reform law requirement to enroll in a plan offering minimum essential coverage under newly proposed regulations.

Why you can’t afford not to offer health benefits

If employers are to remain attractive to new talent and retain their existing human capital, they will need to continue to offer health benefits to their workforces. It’s the balance between employer costs and employee responsibility many are taking a new direction with. Read more…

CFOs say they’ll increase health plan cost-sharing, blame PPACA

When it comes to health insurance costs, containment is the key word. These CFOs have been told to rein in health costs and they’re going to do so by shifting costs to those covered.

Attractive Voluntary Benefits

How can employers effectively balance cost and quality? One way is to expand their offerings of voluntary benefits –Read more…

Obesity drives up workers’ comp claims

Obese employees make more workers’ comp claims, and they make costlier ones than non-obese employees. Read full article here

2013 rise in employer health costs lowest in years

Employers, it appears, worked hard to hold down health plan cost increases this year. But don’t count on another new low in 2014.

Employers Prepare for Increased Health Costs this Winter

With the spectre of a long winter and flu season looming ahead, employers and HR managers are reminded that they must implement solid cost-control strategies if they want to keep their health care plans viable and valuable, experts say.

A faster, cheaper way to wellness programs that work

Benefits of wellness programs unknown so their value is up for debate. Read more…