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What Employers Can Expect from the Trump Administration | Ohio Benefit Advisors

Significant Shift in Immigration Policy Trump has been vocal about his stance on immigration in regard to deportation and illegal immigration. He also seeks to strengthen U.S. jobs, wages, and security through the nationwide use of E-Verify. Trump plans to work with Congress to strengthen and expand the use of E-Verify as currently less than … Continued

Bill bumping ACA to 40-hour work week passes House

The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday passed legislation that would modify the Affordable Care Act’s definition of a full-time employee from one who works 30-hours a week to one who works 40-hours a week.

Recent Changes in PPACA Employer and Employee Resource Guides

Newly released updated versions of several of the most in-demand PPACA resource guides that includes recent changes in play or pay regulations, compliance and responsibilities.

Compliance Recap for March 2014

March brought some significant reporting requirements under The Affordable Care Act that affect employer’s compliance obligations. Read the most recent reporting requirements released in March here…

HR leaders rate ACA concerns as a lower-tier issue

New research from a North American sample of HR leaders finds that the Affordable Care Act is not a primary concern among employers, even as the landmark health care law continues to worry the masses. Read full article here.

Preparing for PPACA – A Readiness Checklist

As we approach the month of April, employers should be taking steps to ensure they are prepared to meet PPACA requirements that begin in 2014. For your convenience, we have provided a checklist of upcoming requirements for employers.

Are employees more satisfied than ever with their benefits?

Despite some sense of grumbling out in the working world about the shape of benefits in the midst of further ACA rollouts, one new study suggests employee satisfaction regarding their benefits is at an all-time high.

Feds Post PPACA Risk Program Regs

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ruled that only “qualified health plans” — and plans that are “substantially the same as a QHP” — can either make payments to or get cash from the federal “risk corridors” program. Read more here…

PPACA Update – IRS, HHS Release Additional Final Regulations

On March 5, 2014, the IRS and HHS released the final employer-shared responsibility (“play or pay”) reporting rules. See what reporting requirements have changed and for who with this PPACA update.

People may keep old health insurance another year

Americans can buy insurance policies that don’t meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act for another year, if their states’ insurance regulators allow them to renew their policies this year, administration officials said Wednesday. Read full article here…