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Befuddling Fees

62% of employees said they do not understand fees, which may indicate a need for employers to educate their workforce

401(k) Fee Disclosure Befuddles Small Companies

A recent rule that requires companies that service 401(k) plans to disclose what they are charging employers for their services is leaving many small business owners with more questions than answers, according to a new study.

The cold, hard truth of 401(k) fee disclosure

What you may not know about 401(k) fee disclosures

The Silver Lining of 401(k) Fee Disclosures

Service providers have spent much time, effort, and expense (sometimes great) in complying with the Department of Labor’s service provider fee disclosures, effective July 1, 2012.

A Push for Retirement e-Communication

Industry groups are urging DOL to end paper disclosure requirement

401(K) Fee Disclosure Deadline Delayed But Rules Added

Gearing up for the April 1, 2012 fee disclosure deadline?