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Employers Ask: What happens to benefits eligibility during an unpaid leave of absence? | Employee Benefits Broker Ohio

Question: If an employee of an applicable large employer takes an unpaid leave of absence (not Family and Medical Leave Act), what happens to their benefit eligibility during that time? Answer: The answer depends on whether the employer is using the measurement and lookback method of tracking employees or the monthly method. Measurement and lookback: … Continued

HRAs, HSAs, and Health FSAs – What’s the Difference? | Employee Benefits Ohio

Health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs), health savings accounts (HSAs) and health care flexible spending accounts (HFSAs) are generally referred to as account-based plans. That is because each participant has their own account, at least for bookkeeping purposes. Under the tax rules, amounts may be contributed to these accounts (with certain restrictions) and used for health care … Continued

Designing Your HRA or Flex Contributions to Meet Affordability Requirements | OH Employee Benefits

An Applicable Large Employer (ALE) that offers minimum essential coverage (MEC) to substantially all of its full-time employees may still owe penalties if the coverage it offers is inadequate because it is not “affordable” or it does not provide “minimum value.” Coverage is considered affordable if it costs less than 9.5 percent of the employee’s … Continued

ACA Penalties and Taxes and Fees — Oh My! | Employee Benefits Broker Ohio

Employers breathed a sign of relief when the looming Cadillac tax was delayed. But are you subject to other fees and penalties under the ACA? The ACA has introduced a multitude of new fees that employers must pay, in addition to penalties for non-compliance with employer shared responsibility rules. These dollar amounts change annually, as … Continued

Ringing in the 2016 Federal Posting Compliance New Year | Ohio Employee Benefits

With the New Year comes many traditions: singing Auld Lang Syne, the midnight kiss, and resolutions. In the HR world, the New Year means compliance requirements and constant deadlines. So at ThinkHR we wanted to help you bring in 2016 with an articulate chart providing important summaries of federal posting rules. We advise that all … Continued

Growing Pains: Why Adolescence Is About To Get That Much Harder | Employee Benefits Ohio

By Elizabeth Kay, Compliance & Retention Analyst, AEIS Advisors Employers that are growing up, and are in the awkward teenage years, are about to get a big surprise, and not the good kind. When a company first opens, they are excited when they first implement their benefit plans for their handful of employees. They offer … Continued