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UBA Survey Reveals Industry Differences in Health Savings Accounts | Ohio Employee Benefits

We recently took a look nationwide at the best and worst health savings accounts (HSAs) for singles and families. When you slice the UBA survey data by industry, some big differences emerge there as well. Singles/families in the accommodation/food services industries received virtually no support from employers, with average HSA contributions at $149 and $172 … Continued

How Do Your Copays and Deductibles Stack Up? Benchmark Your Employees’ Out-of-Pocket Costs | Ohio Employee Benefits

As many analysts projected, premiums continue to rise, forcing many employers to manage this expanding price tag by shifting costs to their employees. As UBA reported in its breaking news, this cost shifting took the form of higher deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, and copays for both singles and families. According to the 2015 UBA Health Plan … Continued

Could you be at risk for the Cadillac tax? | Ohio Benefits Broker

Should Employers Opt Out of Their Coverage Opt-Out Program? | Ohio Employee Benefits

According to the 2015 UBA Health Plan Survey, fewer employers are offering bonuses to waive coverage, but for those that do, the bonus amount is on the rise. Only 2.9% of employers offered a bonus to employees to waive medical coverage in 2015, a 17.1% decrease from 3.5% two years ago. The average annual single … Continued

How to Benchmark Your Health Plan | Ohio Employee Benefits Broker

Are you benchmarking your health plan correctly? If you are using data from your carrier or a small study of only large employers, chances are you are not effectively analyzing your rates. To truly benchmark your plan, you need to compare your plan to others in your state, industry, and size category. That’s the best … Continued

Ringing in the 2016 Federal Posting Compliance New Year | Ohio Employee Benefits

With the New Year comes many traditions: singing Auld Lang Syne, the midnight kiss, and resolutions. In the HR world, the New Year means compliance requirements and constant deadlines. So at ThinkHR we wanted to help you bring in 2016 with an articulate chart providing important summaries of federal posting rules. We advise that all … Continued

Know the Minimum Wage in Your State? You Might Want to Check Again – Ohio Employee Benefits

2014 was an odd year in regards to minimum wage. Although Congress failed to pass any legislation regarding the federal minimum wage, nearly half the states had minimum wage increases that went into effect on January 1, 2015. In addition, at least 20 states will have minimum wage increases in 2016 (due to scheduled minimum … Continued