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2013 rise in employer health costs lowest in years

Employers, it appears, worked hard to hold down health plan cost increases this year. But don’t count on another new low in 2014.

56% of employers offer CDHP, 44% may make it the only choice: Aon Hewitt

Once a rarity, consumer-driven health care plans have become a mainstream design among large employers.

Satisfaction with health plan costs improving

Employer satisfaction with health plan costs is going up, according to the J.D. Power 2013 Employer Health Plan Study, yet health plans may risk losing group business unless they improve satisfaction in other areas.

A High-Deductible Future

Swelling health care costs and administrative headaches are driving some employers to make a major shift in health plans.

Survey: Employees don’t want control over health care

Report reveals a sobering gap in employee readiness to handle and take on the shift toward consumer-driven health plans

Experts See Future Filled with High Deductibles

Beyond tweaks to deductibles, employers could find savings if they focused more on “value-based” models

Many workers aren’t ready for health care reform

Majority of employees have never heard of the phrase “consumer-driven health care”

Survey finds majority of employees want customizable benefits

Consumers today can customize everything, including benefit packages.

Medical savings accounts on the upswing

Study reveals the increase in HSAs and HRAs combined with CDHPs

CDHP’s – Not Yet Cost Savers Nationally

Read why CDHP’s are falling and how they could perform better.