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As technology improves, and a younger generation moves into the workforce, electronic communications will become the preferred method of communication. However, paper communication remains the preferred method from a regulatory agency perspective. Read full article…

5 myths about millennials and benefits

Millennials (ages 18-31), also known as Gen Y, are 80 million strong, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. As this generation climbs into leadership roles, they’ll change many aspects of the workplace, including the benefits landscape.

Four tips for better benefit plan communications

There is a convergence of events and trends that will make or break the success of many employers’ benefit plans this year. However, a spot-on communications plan will smooth the road ahead

Ways to improve employee benefits communications

Benefit management experts’ recommendations for improving employee benefit communications

Workers wildly unprepared for health care changes

Original article http://ebn.benefitnews.com By Tristan Lejeune The third annual Aflac WorkForces Report, released last week, reveals a sobering gap in employee readiness to handle and take on the shift toward consumer-driven health plans and defined contribution health. A majority of workers (54%) would prefer not to have more control over their insurance options, citing a lack of time … Continued

Balancing Benefits Communication

Experts urge HR leaders to incorporate the technology and tools at their disposal to make communication strategies more successful

Getting the Word Out on the Positives of Employee Benefits

Employers who want to boost employee satisfaction with their benefits need to evaluate their employees’ current benefits experience