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Why Technology Plays an Important Role as Workplace Demographics Shift | Ohio Benefit Advisors

As an increasing number of Baby Boomers retire and leave the workforce, millennials are positioned to take on more leadership roles in the business world. Millennials bring with them a unique and evolving knowledge of technology and innovative HR practices that differ greatly from their Baby Boomer predecessors. As managerial roles are transferred from the … Continued

Mobile Device HR Apps

Most people today have at least one — if not more — mobile devices. This is why more and more employees are utilizing human resource applications (HR apps) as their preferred way of accessing information.

Wearable Technology in the Workplace

As technology evolves, a leading-edge trend is for wearable technology. As with all technology, it will take some time for this to become accepted as mainstream and commonplace at work. For human resources, this presents new challenges. Read full article…

In 2020, Workers Will Decide Health Benefits

By the end of the decade, the majority of American workers will be selecting their health benefits from an online menu of plans and paying for those benefits with a stipend from their employer, according to experts in the field.


As technology improves, and a younger generation moves into the workforce, electronic communications will become the preferred method of communication. However, paper communication remains the preferred method from a regulatory agency perspective. Read full article…

Workplace Gamification Trends

HR pros are taking innovative practices such as gamification and bringing game-like elements to non-game tasks. Read more…

Manage chronic diseases with smartphones and smart-tech inhalers

That phone in your pocket may become your doctor’s best friend as mobile technology expands into the health care industry.

Employers turn to tech for wellness

How can technology help promote wellness in your company?

Want to know what 2025 will look like?

Savvy consumers will use advanced technologies and apps to stay healthy

Employers Go High-Tech with Benefit Information

More employers are turning to technology to make communications easier and more effective.