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The first of these MLR rebates are due in August of 2012


Employers need to move forward with implementing the changes required by the law.

Mixed Small Business Reaction to Health Ruling

While there’s more certainty about what is expected of small-businesses owners come 2014, some say they are still worried about high insurance premiums.

Ruling Lifts Cloud of Uncertainty Over Health Industry

The Supreme Court’s decision largely upholding the Accountable Care Act lifts a huge cloud of uncertainty over the health-care industry.

Employer Penalties Under Healthcare Reform

Will offering a plan make your company compliant with the PPACA?

SCOTUS upholds PPACA, industry ready to tackle ongoing health care issues

The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act with the individual mandate being upheld under the Congressional power of taxation.

How US health care reform will affect employee benefits

The shift away from employer-provided health insurance will be vastly greater than expected and will make sense for many companies and lower-income workers alike.

What The Health Care Decision Means for Your Small Business

The Supreme Court decision Thursday upholds the Affordable Care Act. But as a small business owner, you may wonder what that means for you.

Both sides poised for healthcare ruling

Courthouse steps and the Capitol will become circuses of spin once the decision comes out on PPACA.

Four Scenarios for Thursday’s Ruling on Health Care

Chief Justice John Roberts announced from the bench that Thursday will be the court’s final session before it takes a summer break.