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IRS loosens employer mandate reporting requirements

Read the full statement here and see what changes have been made to employer reporting requirements.

White House proposes new employer mandate rules

The Obama administration on Thursday released new proposals for carrying out a major requirement of the federal health care law that was postponed earlier this summer.

PPACA and the Individual Shared Responsibility Requirement

Employers are not required to educate employees about their individual responsibilities under PPACA however, this Advisor simply provides information that employers may find helpful to know.

NAHU: Employer mandate delay ‘necessary’ despite $12 billion cost

CBO states that the health law is estimated to cost $1.375 trillion through 2023, and increase in $12 billion since May.

How to Best Inform Employees About PPACA

How to eliminate PPACA confusion and communicate the options to employees so that they can make the right decision.

Updated Analysis on the Employer Mandate Delay

In response to this tremendous demand, we have updated our information as the impact of the delay has been analyzed further following the July 9, 2013 IRS Notice 2013-4

Delay of health reform mandate has employers making hard benefit choices

Affected employers face some tough decisions on what approach they will take in the wake of the Obama administration’s unexpected decision to delay a key health care reform law provision.

8 reasons for employers to keep their PPACA guard up

Now that the celebrations have died down over the one-year delay of penalties for employers who don’t meet the PPACA coverage requirements, it’s time to take a close look at what does remain in effect.

2014 Date No Longer Applies

The timeline for many employer requirements has changed significantly, and with that modification come many question marks.

What hasn’t changed for employers in 2014?

While the employer mandate is suspended, a variety of key provisions that go into effect on January 1, 2014 remain in play.