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Employers Stressing Health Incentives for Employees

U.S. employers are increasingly utilizing monetary and other incentives to encourage employees and their families to become active in health and fitness programs

Employers Fear Supporting Staff Return to Work

A large majority of employers feel ill-equipped to help staff return to work after illness while a significant minority are calling for auto-enrolment into group risk schemes, new research finds.

3 Simple Ways to Make People Happy at Work

So what can you realistically pull off to make people happy at work?


Two-thirds of companies currently match their employees’ contributions compered to 75% in 2008.


Technology has spawned an increase in work/life balance among U.S. workers over the past three decades

Why is Engaging Employees on Wellness so Hard?

Find out what your employees want from wellness programs


61% of companies are offering some sort of wellness initiative this year

Workforce Obesity: What Can You Do?

What can you do to help workers maintain a healthy weight and keep your bottom line healthy at the same time?

Want to Win the Wellness Game? Start with Good Communications and Fun

The challenge, many employers discover, is getting employees on board and keeping them on the right track.

Are rules and regulations around alcohol going to make a difference?

Are rules and regulations the most effective way to change the way people behave?