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When It Comes to Employees’ Financial Wellness, Face Time Matters | Ohio Employee Benefits

Many employers have done an excellent job of integrating financial wellness programs with their employees in order for them to improve their overall financial well-being. However, the most significant progress appears to be when employees actually speak with a qualified human being rather than relying on technology to manage investments. The key, according to an … Continued

The Road to Better Absence Management | Ohio Benefits Broker

By Stephen Coffman, Group Practice Leader The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America A more meaningful attempt to manage absences can go a long way toward helping ease the staffing and morale challenges of small and midsize businesses that often feel the impact of absences more acutely than larger firms. What’s more, in an environment … Continued

Ease into Spring Workouts

In a Reuters news story, people who are eager to step outside to exercise at the first sign of spring should be cautious. Read more as to why even the most fit should consider a brief “thawing” period to safely transition and adjust their bodies to outdoor exercise.

Obesity drives up workers’ comp claims

Obese employees make more workers’ comp claims, and they make costlier ones than non-obese employees. Read full article here

6 wellness tips for flu prevention

The flu costs businesses approximately $10.4 billion in direct costs. Minimize employee sick days and slow the spread of illness by communicating best practices in wellness and nutrition.

Employee Wellness Survey Links Company Wellness with Employee Wellness

Summer 2013 survey found a strong link between the wellness and vitality of an organization and the health and wellness of its employees. Read full article here.

Healthy employees create competitive advantage

It may not come as a surprise that healthier employees are more productive, but if your company doesn’t have a strong health culture it may be effecting your bottom line.

Employers Stressing Health Incentives for Employees

U.S. employers are increasingly utilizing monetary and other incentives to encourage employees and their families to become active in health and fitness programs

Employers Fear Supporting Staff Return to Work

A large majority of employers feel ill-equipped to help staff return to work after illness while a significant minority are calling for auto-enrolment into group risk schemes, new research finds.

3 Simple Ways to Make People Happy at Work

So what can you realistically pull off to make people happy at work?