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Small biz optimism remains stagnant

“Rising inflation and gasoline prices combined with renewed weakness in U.S. job creation has undermined consumer confidence and their ability to spend.”

Negatives vs. Positives: Companies Try Penalties to Change Behavior, Trim Costs

Companies can tighten the leash on some of the cost pressures from health care.

News Briefs: Employers Take the Hit on Costs

Employees who telecommute between four and seven hours per day made up 40 percent of the respondents, while 17 percent of telecommuters said they spend one hour or less on work per day.

High-Stress Jobs Linked to Higher Health Costs

The economists suggested that easing workplace stress could help governments reduce soaring health budgets and bolster employee morale.

Principal Launches Voluntary Benefits Program

The company said it works with employers to create a customized enrollment strategy and benefit education program for voluntary benefits.

Most U.S. Employers Opt for ‘Passive’ Open Enrollment

Employees who don’t take action are penalized—typically by a default enrollment into the option with the most basic coverage or to no coverage.

HRA: The Employer’s Tool

HSAs allow only preventive care to be outside the deductible and covered 100 percent on a first-dollar basis.

In Reform’s Wake, Health Firms Adjust Employee Coverage

Respondents said their organizations were implementing or planning to make additional changes to improve care in the next three years.

Most popular employee benefits identified

“An employer may not be in a position to provide a bonus or pay rise but they can certainly help their employees by providing benefits such as a good workplace pension scheme where both the employer and employee can save on tax and National Insurance Contributions.”

Good Wellness Starts From Bottom — and Top

These programs don’t have to be expensive to be effective, especially if they are championed by employees themselves.