HR Adminstration Services

Job Descriptions

Mapping the steps required to achieve your goal…
Solid job descriptions play a valuable role in the recruitment process as they outline performance expectations and ensuring legal compliance. Our HR experts create and review job descriptions that are both functional in helping to measure productivity and serve as defense support if legal issues arise.

We analyze primary accountabilities of a job and determine the skills, knowledge, experience, competencies and behaviors associated with the successful performance in that position.

This process is critical as job descriptions and roles and responsibilities form the baseline information that drive:

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Reward
  • Recognition
  • Career Mapping
  • Organization Design
  • Training and Self-Development

Personnel File Maintenance

Let’s face it- there is a lot to keep track of to stay compliant in the world of Human Resources. Our professionals know exactly how to maintain each and every file in compliance with federal requirements. Even better, our system is simple to use so there is never a headache involved with retrieve a file when needed. We can even convert you to an entirely electronic filing system.

Poor management of records can reduce your profits, waste time, and expose your business to compliance actions and legal liability. Correct documentation can protect you in the event of a court case and resolve the legal process quickly and at a lower cost.

With Kaminsky’s ManagedHR you know your records will be properly and maintained and secure at all times- so you can spend more time worrying about business functions and the all too important “What’s for lunch?”

Performance Management Systems

Creating performance appraisal systems that work and implementing progressive counseling programs are just some of the more popular ways that our professionals can help your company deal more effectively with your employees. We can provide these services with a personal and custom approach that’s right for your company.

Compensation Analysis

Our Compensation Analysis will show you whether or not you are paying your employees a reasonable rate as well as provide you a comparison with similiar employers by region, industry, job titles, and experience level. Our team will help you make certain that your employees are properly classified as exempt or non-exempt to comply with FLSA regulations. We utilize a sophisticated compensation model that includes indirect benefits such as option and profit pools, profit sharing, and even deferred pay programs.

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