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Kaminsky & Associates tackles every renewal with a team approach. Together we work to ensure that each group is offered the most comprehensive options available.

We specialize in empowering employers with the knowledge and tools to offer exceptional benefit programs for their employees.

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By utilizing sophisticated, actuarially-developed tools, the Benefit Advisors at Kaminsky & Associates are able to provide employers with the precise information needed to manage plan costs and utilization.

We focus on improving the performance of benefit programs by creating a benefits strategy, combined with leadership and engagement programs, to maximize the return on benefit dollars spent.

Using a unique process we created called The Value Realization Process; we assist you in defining a benefits strategy and developing a timeline for implementation. The process goes beyond focusing simply on the traditional bottom line, but digging deeper so each client receives the greatest value for their investment to optimize their real bottom line.

The Value Realization Process creates a workforce management blueprint that transforms your workforce into your company’s most valuable strategic asset.

  • Our Proven Process
 More than 90 percent of your corporate assets walk out the door each evening. What are you doing to bring them back the next day? The Value Realization Process™ is a proven process that has developed during our years of experience helping businesses compete in an increasingly competitive labor market.
  • Situation Assessment
 We use a questionnaire to give us an understanding of your current situation which helps us to develop a benefits blueprint unique to your business. Over and over, this method has supported organizations in achieving their goals for success. We are confident that you will find value in this process and we are pleased to guide you through it.
  • Relationship Driven
We don’t know if we can help you, but taking the time to find out what your goals and needs are will start us on the right path. Knowing we’re a good match is the foundation of a successful strategic partnership, which is our long-term goal.
  • Exceptional Knowledge
Kaminsky & Associates is committed to supporting the educational goals of our staff. In fact, education is one of our core values that guides our organization. Several employees have achieved notable designations that are integral in helping our clients navigate the challenging course of healthcare. We believe the more they know, the more we can help your organization thrive.